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An Open Source 90s Pixelart Science-Fiction Real Time Strategy game with Multiplayer (LAN and internet) support, competent skirmish AI as well as an integrated map editor.  All the assets are licensed under Open Source compliant terms.

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In 1993, a game called Hard Vacuum was in development. Heavily inspired by Dune 2, the father of the modern RTS, it had ambitious goals, but it was never released to the public. Decades later, the pixel art was released under a free license. The starting point for this project.


If you like classic Westwood Studios style real time strategy games be sure to check out OpenRA upon which this game is built. Like the soundtrack, then head over to Tim Beek who composed the score.


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Install instructions

You can use the itch App the keep up-to date. Installers are also available on GitHub releases.


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Rusted Warfare?



yes the same but with 3D?

maybe?(I use IPad)


BEST... GAME... EVER...!!!!! :O

why it looks like Rusted Warfare?


nice game, accidentally sold myself and lost. c:



We will do that in 2022.



Thanks for making and sharing this :) I got my head handed to me in skirmish, I think I need to get good! :)

The 2 missions were a really cool intro to the game, and I enjoyed them a lot. It's really cool to see an alternative take on a bunch of really established mechanics - the resource gathering is really interesting for one! :)



wait. is this Rusted Warfare engine or what???

No, it is using the OpenRA engine.


Rusted Warfare uses free assets made by Daniel Cook for Hard Vacuum game (he also made assets for Tyrian game if you know it by any chance) which was canceled, sadly. We use those assets as well plus we obviously added a lot of new art to fill gaps.

Hello. I cant play this game on macbook it doesnt opens)

Does the team accept any donations of money ?


No, however you can help fund the infrastructure via https://www.patreon.com/orahosting and get a game server in return.

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Quite interesting! I never heard of this lost game. What a wonderful idea, to try to reconstruct it. Great work!

edit: I played the game quite some bit in skirmish mode. It indeed feels like a lost classic, a very genuine mid 90ies experience. Can't wait for more! :)


This is interesting. Do you have a Discord where you can be contacted and development discussed?

Most discussions happen on http://discord.openra.net/ in the modding or community mods section.

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We now have our own server at https://discord.gg/X3VUtPtBTu so feel free to join.


Is there a Matrix room?

No, sorry.


Could this be created within an Space/Community?

Rooms could be bridged to the Discord ones meanwhile. In this way, people who want to use Free Software would have an option.

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I agree that Discord is indeed proprietary, which is an odd choice for an Open Source/Content project. However, the game integrates with it and I wanted to avoid separating the developer and gaming community. https://matrix.org/hosting/ is pretty expensive, so at the moment that is not an option.


This is incredible! I love the way it looks and its mechanics. Unique unused classic content from the 90s, revived via openRA-Engine. This is just perfect.

OH WOW! I LOVE IT! I have been looking for some oldschool C&C-ish clones and here it is carrying stuff from my other fav RTS Total Annihilation. If this can grow this will be awesome, so glad I found it this early! :)

Feel free opening an issue with suggestions/ideas for improvement on GitHub. I can't speak for the others but TA/SupCom was a series I've missed out on.

I only played with TA, basically you could collect the wreckages with a robot to turn them into money. I have discovered some minor bugs, will do a list of them and post it on Github, but I seriously had a blast with this playing yesterday :)


Updated link to the original art and lostgarden.com post: https://lostgarden.home.blog/2005/03/27/game-post-mortem-hard-vacuum/

Fixed the link.