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Hello. I cant play this game on macbook it doesnt opens)

Does the team accept any donations of money ?


No, however you can help fund the infrastructure via and get a game server in return.

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Quite interesting! I never heard of this lost game. What a wonderful idea, to try to reconstruct it. Great work!

edit: I played the game quite some bit in skirmish mode. It indeed feels like a lost classic, a very genuine mid 90ies experience. Can't wait for more! :)


This is interesting. Do you have a Discord where you can be contacted and development discussed?

Most discussions happen on in the modding or community mods section.

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We now have our own server at so feel free to join.

Is there a Matrix room?

No, sorry.

Could this be created within an Space/Community?

Rooms could be bridged to the Discord ones meanwhile. In this way, people who want to use Free Software would have an option.

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I agree that Discord is indeed proprietary, which is an odd choice for an Open Source/Content project. However, the game integrates with it and I wanted to avoid separating the developer and gaming community. is pretty expensive, so at the moment that is not an option.


This is incredible! I love the way it looks and its mechanics. Unique unused classic content from the 90s, revived via openRA-Engine. This is just perfect.

OH WOW! I LOVE IT! I have been looking for some oldschool C&C-ish clones and here it is carrying stuff from my other fav RTS Total Annihilation. If this can grow this will be awesome, so glad I found it this early! :)

Feel free opening an issue with suggestions/ideas for improvement on GitHub. I can't speak for the others but TA/SupCom was a series I've missed out on.

I only played with TA, basically you could collect the wreckages with a robot to turn them into money. I have discovered some minor bugs, will do a list of them and post it on Github, but I seriously had a blast with this playing yesterday :)


Updated link to the original art and post:

Fixed the link.